Málþing um kínverska heimspeki

"Hvað kennir kínversk heimspeki okkur"

“What Can Be Learned from Chinese Philosophy”

Alþjóðlegt málþing um kínverska heimspeki á vegum Konfúsíusarstofnunarinnar og Heimspekistofnunar.

An international symposium co-organized by the Northern Lights Confucius Institute and the Institute of Philosophy, University of Iceland.

Staðsetning / Location:

Lögberg 101

Dagskrá / Programme:

12:50: Setning / Welcome

13:00: Torbjörn Lodén: “On the Social Dynamics of Philosophical Ideas: Dai Zhen’s Critique of Neo-Confucianism in a Comparative Perspective.”

13:40: Jyrki Kallio: “What can Confucianism contribute to Western political philosophy?”

14:20: Coffee/tea break

14:40: Karl-Heinz Pohl: “Immanent Transcendence in the Chinese Tradition – Thoughts about a Chinese (and Sinological) Controversy.”

15:20: Yi Chen: “The Joy of Fish – or: How do we learn from Chinese Philosophy?”

16:00 Coffee/tea break

16:20: Bent Nielsen: “Making Sense of the World: Pedagogical Models for Teaching Intellectual History of China.”

17:00: Geir Sigurðsson: “Confucian Critique in Context: The ‘Transformative Self-Critical Attitude.’”

Útdrætti erindanna má sjá hér / The abstracts are available here